Virtual Programming & Role Planning

In this course you'll find out about, convincing stakeholders on benefits of virtual volunteering, planning your communication channels, tracking and security considerations

Virtual Orientation & Training

This course outline many of the steps required and recommended for training and orienting new volunteer recruits 

Virtual Screening and Risk Assessment

This course will outline the ways to plan and deal with potential virtual risk as well as virtual assessment nad interview techniques


In this course, you’ll learn how selecting volunteers has changed and how you can be ready for the changing future of volunteer screening. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to applications, conversations and choosing volunteers, but this course can help you determine what processes work best for you

Technology for Volunteer Management

This course explores volunteer management through the use of various hardware and software tools

Policies and Procedures for Volunteer Engagement

This course outline the steps to take in order to follow the proper policies and procedures for volunteer engagement

Virtual Volunteering - Optics & Opportunities 

This course outline the world of virtual volunteering and the best steps to take when adding virtual positions to your organization